How To Navigate Creating A Memorial Headstone
A 5-Step Checklist

1. Determine with your family the type of memorial headstone you would like to create. The most common are flat, single-piece markers, upright monuments, and benches.

2. You and your family can then determine the granite color you prefer the memorial be made of. The most common colors are black and light gray, but there are also rose, red, and blue granite colors.

3. Once you have a memorial type and color, you will want to contact your cemetery to see if there are any specific restrictions for the section in the cemetery and to make sure that memorial type would be allowed at the cemetery.

4. Once your cemetery has approved the memorial type (or your monument company has confirmed that it is allowed because they have a history working in that cemetery), you can now purchase your memorial.

5. Lastly, you will work with the monument company to create a design for the memorial. If you have not already, you will want to speak with your family to see what all you would like to incorporate into the memorial. Your monument company will then be able to help you create a design from your and your family’s preferences.