The High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

Since the beginning of human history, art and everything that is associated with it have been an inseparable component of mankind. From the natural environment that we call home to life beyond this enormous floating ball of matter that we call earth, everything in the universe is simply artistic, and one cannot help but imagine the supreme being that is behind it all. The human mind in particular is the recipient of such a profound level of communication from the world of art. It then goes a long way to eliciting feelings, to the point that one cannot help but fall in love with the other person!

At the High Road Gallery located on East Stafford Avenue, you will find everything there is to view regarding the artwork of Worthington, OH area.

The walls of the gallery are covered in almost every type of artwork imaginable, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and almost anything else, which gives the gallery a lively atmosphere for its guests.

The fact that the High Road Gallery is housed within the historic Buttles-Pinney-Brown House gives it an air of cultural gravitas that complements the works of local artisans that are displayed within its four walls.

Before it became a gallery, the building was a five-bay brick residence that was constructed in the 1800s.

In the year 1823, a cooper by the name of Sidney Brown bought the property and converted a portion of the house into a workshop where he could create and repair barrels.

Today, people go in droves to see the gallery in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the 2D and 3D works that have been created by resident artists, in addition to the seasonal shows that highlight guest artists.

On Saturdays, the gallery hosts an event called Art Brunch, during which guests have the opportunity to listen to live music, dine at food trucks, and peruse the exhibitions that are currently on view in the gallery.

While paying the city of Worthington a visit, whether it’s just for a day or the entire weekend, never fail to give The High Road Gallery a visit as you can be sure it will impress you in more than one ways! Better yet, for a more enjoyable visit, what is stopping you from tagging your artsy partner along? What is holding you back from paying this amazing art gallery a visit? Visit today!

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