Losing a loved one is difficult.

Honoring their memory doesn’t have to be.

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is a profound life event, and we believe that commemorating their life shouldn’t be an added stress. Here at Stoltz Memorials, we’re dedicated to guiding you gently through the process of creating a fitting tribute for your cherished loved ones. Our services offer convenience and compassion, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Welcome to Stoltz Memorials: Ohio’s Leading Provider of Custom Headstones and Memorial Services

Testimonials from Families

Cyndi Fitzpatrick

I couldn’t be more pleased with Stoltz Memorials. It was my first experience with purchasing a headstone. Ashlin worked with me and answered all my questions quickly.

S Kim

Ashlin was very professional and accessible for questions & concerns. He walked Mom and me through the whole process and was very patient. Thanks so much, Ashlin. It is just what Mom had pictured.

Grace Jones

Stoltz Memorial did an outstanding job on our choice of a bench granite memorial and stayed within our tight budget. If you’re looking for quality in your memorial headstone, give Stoltz a call.


My experience with Ashlin was absolutely amazing, he understood my needs and how I wanted the bench monument, they are awesome at communicating and working with you! I would highly recommend them to anyone. They did a great job!

Gina Benge

I and my family are very happy with the level of professionalism we experience from Ashlin. We highly recommend Stoltz Memorials.

Hristina Panovska

Ashlin Stoltz from Atolz Memorials was wonderful to work with – from talking through our options for my parent’s marker to educating us about the process and production, all the way to delivery to the cemetery.

Creating Beautiful Memorial Headstones For Families IN AS LITTLE AS 4 WEEKS with prices starting at $1697

We understand that ordering a headstone is not an everyday purchase. In fact, the majority of the families we serve say the same thing: “This is our first time having to do something like this.” This is why we have simplified the process of creating and installing headstones. We guide you through the process and ensure that you have answers to questions you may not have thought to ask. Our team is committed to memorializing your loved one with sensitivity and professionalism. We offer the best value in affordable headstones and memorials with custom personalization and we can even guide you in designing your own with superior quality and custom craftsmanship.

Step 1
Rough Draft

Based on your answers during our interview our team will send you a rough draft of the headstone design.

Step 2
Final Proof

After the draft is approved, we will start working on the headstone design and will send a final proof.

Step 3
Production & Installation

When the final proof is approved, we proceed with production. Once the headstone is ready, we will do the installation.

About Stoltz Memorials

Stoltz Memorials was established to guide you and your family through the deeply personal and complex process while crafting a beautiful tribute for your loved one.

Our goal is to help you and your family simplify the process of creating a memorial for your loved one during this difficult time. Our team is dedicated to offering our knowledge and experience with compassion and support. Everyone has a different way to process grief and we are sensitive to that.

Samples Of Headstones We Offer At Stoltz Memorials

We believe that the memorial of your loved one should be as unique as the life they led. Our commitment is to help you design a lasting tribute that genuinely captures their spirit, all while saving you time and energy. From consultation to installation, we provide an end-to-end service designed with your peace of mind at its heart.

The Installation Process of a Headstone: What to Expect
Slant Headstones

Our single-slant headstones and companion slant headstones are one-piece monuments that sit up off the ground and have a slanted front face where the design is engraved. These types of headstones are popular among families that are searching for something basic yet are not interested in flush markers that lie flat on the ground.

upright headstones
Upright Headstones

Our upright headstones are the most popular type of monument we sell, as they are traditional in nature and allow for a unique, custom design due to their size. Families who want to be able to see their loved one’s memorial from a distance tend to prefer opting for an upright headstone. Our upright headstones are available in single and companion sizes as well as a variety of granite colors.

Memorial Benches

Some families choose to bypass a traditional headstone shape and opt to honor their loved one’s memory with a bench memorial. Benches make great headstone options, as they allow you to have a place to sit when you are visiting your loved one’s final resting place. We have a couple of different styles of benches that we stock in both a single and companion size in a variety of granite colors.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used to hold the cremains of a loved one. Niche memorials, like the one pictured, are used to hold the urn of a deceased loved one. It is also possible to use a traditional upright headstone as a cremation memorial by interring the cremains directly into either the top stone or the base of the monument.

Create an elegant final remembrance, but also celebrate a lifetime of love, laughter, and memories.