Visit the Columbus Zoo if you’re searching for a good place to kill some time at the zoo. Near the heart of Ohio’s most valuable city, Powell is home to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a nonprofit institution that serves the local community. At the corner of Riverside Drive and Powell Road, the site is situated on the eastern shore of the Scioto River’s O’Shaughnessy Reservoir. The fame it now enjoys around the world is primarily thanks to the advocacy of its former director, Jack Hanna, who is now considered a legend in the industry. USA Today’s Travel Guide ranked it as the best zoo in America in 2009. And in 2012, readers of Besties magazine voted it the best zoo in the world.

Over 2.3 million people visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium each year to observe the more than 7,000 creatures there, which come from more than 800 different species. The zoo’s animal displays are organized around the continents and regions of the world, with eight distinct areas open to the public at the moment. Furthermore, the zoo owns an 18-hole golf course called the Safari Golf Club. The 9.17-hectare Zoombezi Bay is also part of the zoo’s property. The zoo itself occupies 164.4 of the total 235 hectares of land.

The zoo has a conservation program and contributes financially to others while also engaging in conservation activities. The zoo has donated over $3. Over the previous five years, 30 million to over 70 initiatives in 30 nations. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium feature the Wilds, a 9,15-acre animal conservation area in southeast Ohio, as part of its outreach efforts.

The Columbus Zoo is geographically themed, with several sections devoted to different parts of the globe. Each region has a distinct aesthetic based on the place it represents; however, this attention to detail decreases with age. Shops selling food and souvenirs line the zoo, each with its regional theme. In addition to walking, there are three more ways to get about the zoo. Among these are a boat trip through the Islands of Southeast Asia and a train excursion across the North American region. The North American region also features a tram that borders the southern portion of the North American zone and transports guests to the Polar Frontier.

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