The concrete ears of corn that stand here at a height of six feet are yet another entertaining and unique roadside sight in Dublin, OH. This art installation is a memorial to Sam Frantz, the person who was responsible for developing hybrid corn, and it features 109 enormous ears of corn. The corn sculptures were finished by the artist Malcolm Cochran in 1994, and when you come to visit, you can read some signboards that explain the project and how it came to be. In the end, it serves as a memento of the agricultural past of the area in addition to being a great location for taking photographs.

There are 109 human-sized ears of corn located in a huge grassy field off of the highway in Dublin. Each ear of corn measures 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 meters) in height and weighs an astounding 1500 pounds (680 kg.).

This Ohio roadside attraction is called “Field of Corn (with Osage Oranges)” and was designed and created by artist Malcolm Cochran, a professor of sculpture at the Ohio State University. Some people refer to it as the Field of Giant Corn Cobs, while others refer to it as the Cement Corn Field, and still others refer to it as “Cornhenge Ohio.” This attraction should not be confused with Carhenge Nebraska, especially since this Ohio attraction has nothing to do with the famous English The Dublin Art Council’s Dublin Art in Public Places initiative was responsible for the commissioning and installation of the corn field in Dublin in the year 1994.

Although at first glance this peculiar roadside attraction in Ohio may appear to be nothing more than a field of white concrete corn, there is a great deal of significance hidden behind these statues. The actual field was farmed by Sam Frantz, a pioneer in the use and development of transgenic corn; the art piece represents the history of the farming legacy of the town and acts as a testament to rural landscapes.

Make a point to stop by this amazing field of concrete corn the next time you’re driving through Ohio on a vacation and see what all the hype is about. The tourist stop is accessible from the crack of dawn until dusk!

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