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Cyndi Fitzpatrick

I couldn’t be more pleased with Stoltz Memorials. It was my first experience with purchasing a headstone. Ashlin worked with me and answered all my questions quickly.

S Kim

Ashlin was very professional and accessible for questions & concerns. He walked Mom and me through the whole process and was very patient. Thanks so much, Ashlin. It is just what Mom had pictured.

Grace Jones

Stoltz Memorial did an outstanding job on our choice of a bench granite memorial and stayed within our tight budget. If you’re looking for quality in your memorial headstone, give Stoltz a call.

Hristina Panovska

Ashlin Stoltz from Atolz Memorials was wonderful to work with – from talking through our options for my parent’s marker to educating us about the process and production, all the way to delivery to the cemetery.

Gina Benge

I and my family are very happy with the level of professionalism we experience from Ashlin. We highly recommend Stoltz Memorials.

Aaron H

I had a truly exceptional experience with Stoltz Memorial. Their service was beyond outstanding. From start to finish, they displayed a remarkable level of professionalism and empathy.

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“Our company has created a hassle-free and vastly efficient process with quality and customer experience at the forefront.”

Our team has created a hassle-free and significantly effective process with quality as well as customer experience at the forefront. It is with this procedure that we can help you and your family at the greatest level when it concerns choosing a headstone, crafting a design, and installing it at one of the many graveyards in East Cleveland, OH. To get a far better understanding of our process and exactly how we may be able to aid in your time of need, give us a shout or contact us using the contact form on our site.

Headstones East Cleveland Ohio

The fatality of a member of the family is a very tough time, as well as designing an attractive memorial headstone is the last step of the procedure to recognize their memory for years to come. The memorial you as well as your family members design will certainly live at your loved one’s final resting location for life, so you must choose a headstone design as well as a granite color that pays tribute to that special someone in a distinct way.

It used to be in the past that the loved ones of the person who died would certainly get together to walk right into a monument company to see the readily available rocks, inquire about a rate, and see samples of grave markers to buy to get the process started as well as develop a long-term homage for that special person. As soon as everything was picked out, the household and headstone carver would certainly need to design a rough draft design and after that, the family would travel home as well as wait until the stone was finished.

Nevertheless, with sophisticated modern technology at our fingertips in the digital age, the whole process of developing a gorgeous headstone for your loved one can be done from the comfort of your very own home.

Gone are the overwhelming days of having to drive to and walk into a retail memorial company with arbitrary headstones spread around the display room. Families in the East Cleveland region can count on Stoltz Memorials to design an elegant headstone for their loved ones.

Grave Markers East Cleveland Ohio


Grave markers (or occasionally described as markers) are smaller in size and also can be placed over one or multiple tombs. They are one item (rather than an upright headstone, which might contain a stone as well as a base) and are also most commonly seen in a single or companion size. There are different sorts of grave markers, consisting of lawn markers, bevel markers, as well as slant markers.


Grass markers are typically flush with the ground as well as 4 inches thick. These types of grave markers are generally made used for a one-person memorial headstone.


Bevels are headstones for graves that are very similar in dimension to grass markers. Nonetheless, the notable distinction with this sort of marker is that they are not flat with the ground, but rather stand approximately 6 inches off the ground with a face that declines a little downward.


Slant markers are the biggest sort of marker, as they generally stand 16 inches off the ground, and the face of the monument is heavily inclined downward. You can put a slant straight onto the ground or position it on a base to offer it an included height.

Memorial Headstone Types In East Cleveland

There are a range of various types of memorials. Having referenced grave markers above, the various other types of headstone memorials are upright headstones, which can be found in single as well as double dimensions. A single upright memorial is used to honor just a single person who has passed away, whereas a double upright is used to recognize 2 or more memories. Upright headstones can come in a variety of shapes and colors, so be sure to speak with your family members to see if there are any type of certain preferences that might need to be addressed when developing your loved one’s memorial.

Memorial Benches & Bench Headstones In East Cleveland OH

Memorial benches are one-of-a-kind headstones, as they take the shape of a bench in contrast to the traditional upright headstone on a base. If you have done any sort of search for headstones for sale online, after that you most certainly have seen numerous kinds of memorial benches.

2 preferred kinds of memorial benches are used in place of typical tombstones. The flat bench seat memorial is easy yet classy. It includes a flat seat with 2 different legs affixed for security. The other kind of memorial bench is the park bench. This is a bench that has a backrest, where all of the inscriptions will be engraved.

Headstones Near Me In East Cleveland Ohio

Searching the web for “headstones near me” may result in a wide variety of results, consisting of monuments, graveyards, as well as funeral homes in East Cleveland, OH. While gravestones and monuments can be offered by any of these types of services, it is important to do your due diligence when moving forward with a gravestone. Nevertheless, this memorial will be a homage to the departed permanently, so it must be finished appropriately as well as successfully the very first time.

For instance, you will want to make certain that the organization you are dealing with has an installation procedure in place. Believe it or not, some organizations will sell a headstone to buyers and afterward ask, “Where do you want it to be shipped?”. Most graveyards will not take in delivered gravestones for liability reasons, and they will certainly not place them at the grave for the same reason. You need to make certain that the organization you are dealing with will be setting your headstone and that the installation is factored into your total cost.

Engraving Your Headstone in East Cleveland

When engraving your grave marker, there are a couple of various options. The most common is typical sandblasting. This is where the style is engraved using a sandblaster. The bulk of headstones in burial grounds are inscribed using this typical way, which has been used for a very long time. Any kind of granite type can be sandblasted to give it the desired layout.

A lot more lately, family members have chosen to have their layout laser etched into the headstone using a process called laser etching. This process can only be performed on black granite as a result of its distinct properties. Laser etching is carried out on a laser device and also is a lot more shallow kind of inscription than standard sandblasting. Because of this, it does tend to fade in time. Nonetheless, laser etching on black granite is still very desired in today’s age, as you can get very detailed with the layout and also etch custom scenes and {photos||photo portraits}, directly into the black granite headstone.

Photo Portraits On Headstones For Graves

There are two ways that you can incorporate a photo portrait of the deceased into their headstone. The very first option is laser etching. This type of image can only be done when using black granite.

The other sort of photo portrait that you can add is a porcelain picture. A porcelain picture can be created in color or grayscale, and can be done on any type of granite headstone, including black granite! Via a special process, a picture of your loved one can be recessed straight into the headstone to ensure that the surface of the image is flush with the headstone. The picture has a clear porcelain covering that shields it from climate and all-natural wear and tear.

Photo Portraits On Headstones For Graves

Vases For Headstones In East Cleveland, OH

Usually, you will certainly see vases on both sides of an upright headstone where a household can position bouquets. A few of our company’s memorial plans for upright headstones come with flower holders, but make sure to ask if this is a crucial part of your loved one’s memorial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For all in-stock monuments, production time is 4 weeks or less.
If you purchase a headstone from our company, we will install it. We do not install headstones from 3rd party companies and online companies that ship headstones.

Yes. We offer both laser engraved and porcelain portraits on headstones.

No. We understand this is a difficult time for you, and we will contact your cemetery and make all necessary arrangements.

Similar to a house, your memorial will need a concrete foundation to keep it from sinking into the ground over time. Your cemetery will pour the foundation for your memorial, and your cemetery fee covers this service provided by the cemetery.

Each cemetery is different and have different calculations for determining their own cemetery fee. Most cemetery fees fall between $300 and $550. However, there are a select few cemeteries that do have fees outside of this range.

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