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The passing of a loved one is a very challenging time, and making a beautiful memorial headstone is the last step of the process to recognize their memory for years to come. The memorial you and your member of the family style will certainly live at your loved one’s final resting area forever, so it is important that you pick a headstone style and granite shade that commemorates that special a person in an unique way.

It used to be back in the day that the loved ones of the person who passed away would get together to walk into a monument company to see the readily available stones, inquire about a price, as well as to see examples of gravestones for sale so as to get the process started and produce a long-term homage for that special person. When whatever was selected, the family members and also headstone carver would need to design an outline design and after that the household would home and also wait until the headstone was finished.

Nonetheless, with sophisticated innovation at our fingertips in an electronic age, the entire procedure of developing a lasting headstone for your loved one can be done from the convenience of your very own residence. Gone are the overwhelming days of needing to drive to as well as stroll right into a retail memorial company with arbitrary headstones scattered around the display room. Families in the Mason vicinity can rely on Stoltz Memorials to design a beautiful headstone for their beloved family member.

Headstones For Graves Mason, OH
Headstones Mason, OH
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Our company has created a hassle-free and vastly efficient process with quality and customer experience at the forefront.

Our team has developed an easy as well as greatly reliable procedure with top quality and also client experience at the center. It is with this process that we are able to serve you and also your family at the highest possible level when it involves choosing a headstone, crafting a style, and installing it at one of the many cemeteries in Mason, OH. To get a far better understanding of our procedure and also exactly how we may be able to aid in your time of need, give us a ring or get in contact with us using the contact form on our site.

Grave Markers Mason Ohio

Grave markers (or occasionally described as markers) are smaller in size as well as can be positioned over one or several graves. They are one item (as opposed to an upright headstone, which might include a rock and base) and also most frequently seen in a single or companion size. There are various types of grave markers, consisting of grass markers, bevel markers, and also slant markers.

Lawn markers are commonly flush with the ground and also 4 inches thick. These kinds of grave markers are commonly used for a one-person headstone.

Bevel markers are headstones for graves that are really comparable in dimension to grass markers. However, the notable distinction with this sort of marker is that they are not flush with the ground, however instead stand about 6 inches off the ground with a face that is slanted somewhat downward.

Slants are the biggest kind of marker, as they generally stand 16 inches off the ground as well as the face of the monolith is greatly slanted downward. You have the capability to put a slant straight onto the ground, or install it on a base to give it an added elevation.

Headstone vs. Grave Marker Mason Ohio

Headstone vs. Grave Marker

The words “headstone” and also “grave marker” are in some cases used reciprocally by families who are aiming to recognize the life of their loved one following a death in the family has occurred. Usually, the term “headstone” refers to any memorial that is placed front of the grave in order to honor the memory of the deceased. “Grave marker”, on the other hand, is normally a smaller, one-piece marker that is positioned in a cemetery. Despite which term you use, there is no correct or incorrect way when describing these two types of stones, as they both get used mutually.

Headstone vs. Grave Marker Mason Ohio

Headstone vs. Grave Marker

Words “headstone” as well as “grave marker” are sometimes utilized mutually by families who are looking to recognize the life of their loved one after a fatality in the family has took place. Generally, the term “headstone” describes any memorial that is placed front of the cemetery plot in order to recognize the memory of the deceased. “Grave marker”, on the other hand, is normally a smaller sized, one-piece gravestone that is put in a burial ground. Regardless of which term you make use of, there is no right or wrong answer when describing these two kinds of gravestones, as they both get used reciprocally.

Memorial Headstone Types

There are a range of various kinds of memorials. Having referenced markers above, the various other sorts of headstone memorials are upright headstones, which are available in single as well as double sizes. A single upright headstone is used to recognize simply one person that has actually passed away, whereas a companion upright is used to recognize 2 or more memories. Upright headstones can come in a variety of forms and also granite colors, so make certain to seek advice from your household to see if there are any kind of choices that may need to be addressed when making your loved one’s memorial.

Memorial Benches & Bench Headstones In Mason OH

Memorial benches are special headstones, as they take the shape of a bench as opposed to the typical upright stone on a base. If you have done any kind of search for headstones for graves online, then you most certainly have seen various sorts of memorial benches.

There are 2 popular sorts of memorial benches that are utilized in place of typical tombstones. The flat bench memorial is one that is straightforward yet classy in nature. It consists of a flat seat with 2 different legs attached for stability. The various other kind of memorial bench is the park bench. This is a bench with a backrest, where all of the inscription will be engraved.

Bench Headstones Mason Ohio
Memorial Benches Mason Ohio

Headstones Near Me In Mason Ohio

Searching online for “headstones near me” might result in a wide range of outcomes, including monument companies, cemeteries, as well as funeral homes in Mason, OH. While markers and also monuments can be supplied by any of these kinds of organizations, it is necessary to do your own investigation when buying a gravestone. Nevertheless, this memorial will be a tribute to the departed for eternity, so it is essential that it gets finished properly as well as successfully the very first time.

For instance, you will want to ensure that the organization you are collaborating with has an installation procedure in place. Believe it or not, there are companies that will offer a headstone to buyers and afterwards ask, “Where would you like it shipped?”. A lot of graveyards will certainly not accept shipped gravestones for liability purposes, as well as they will certainly not install them at the grave for the same reason. You need to be sure that the organization you are purchasing from will be placing your gravestone and that the installation is factored in to your total cost.

Granite Colors For Headstones Mason OH

There are many different granite colors that come from all over the world. The majority of granites are imported into the United States. Nonetheless, there are some quarries in the United States, including in Barre, Vermont as well as Elberton, Georgia. These 2 are the most popular quarries for gray granite in the USA.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking a one-of-a-kind color that differs from the traditional gray color, you might check out rose, black, or blue, as these granites are likewise prominent and offer a different appearance than the standard gray.

Regardless of the color you choose for your loved one’s headstone, granite is the type of rock you will want to make use of in order to ensure that your gravestone stands the test of time and can take on outdoor conditions once it is installed at the cemetery in Mason.

Granite Headstones Mason Ohio
Cemetery Headstones Mason Ohio
Headstones For Graves Mason Ohio
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Black Granite Headstones In Mason

Over current years, family members have been asking about black granite headstones more and more. The high-in-demand black granite that is made use of for headstones is quarried in India and afterwards imported right into the United States. At our company, this is one of the most commonly asked for color when a family calls in to us. Black granite has actually come to be more and more in demand as a result of its smooth appearance in addition to its special character that enables a scene to be laser etched straight into the granite.

Black Granite Headstones Mason Ohio

Black Granite Headstones In Mason

Over recent years, families have been inquiring about black granite headstones more and more. The high-in-demand black granite that is utilized for headstones is quarried in India and then imported into the country. At our monument company, this is the most asked for type of granite when a family calls in to us. Black granite has come to be more and more popular due to its sleek appearance in addition to its special character that enables a image to be laser etched straight into the granite.

Black Granite Headstones Mason Ohio

Engraving Your Headstone

When designing your grave marker, there are a couple of different directions that can be taken. The most typical is standard sandblasting. This is where the layout is inscribed using a sandblaster. The vast majority of headstones in burial grounds are engraved using this traditional way, which has been used for a long time. Any granite type can be sandblasted to provide it the preferred design.

More recently, members of the family have elected to have their layout etched right into the grave stone through a procedure called laser etching. This process can just be carried out on black granite because of its distinct nature. Laser etching is executed on a laser device and is a a lot more superficial kind of engraving than traditional sandblasting. As a result of this, it does tend to fade with time. However, laser etching on black granite is still incredibly popular in today’s age, as you can be very detailed with the design and even engrave custom scenes and {photos||photo portraits}, straight into the black granite headstone.

Photo Portraits On Headstones For Graves

You will find 2 manners in which you can incorporate a photo portrait of your loved one to their headstone. One option is by laser etching. This type of picture can only be done when engraving black granite.

The other kind of picture that you can include is a porcelain photo. A porcelain photo can be produced in color or grayscale, and also can be done on any granite color, eve black granite! With a unique procedure, an image of your loved one can be placed straight into the headstone to ensure that the surface of the imageis flush with the headstone. The picture has a clear porcelain covering that safeguards it from weather and natural damage.

Photos For Headstones In Mason, OH
Mason Headstones

Vases For Headstones In Mason, OH

Frequently, you will certainly see vases on both sides of an upright headstone where a family can position flowers. A lot of our company’s memorial plans for upright headstones come with flower holders, but be sure to ask if this is an important element to your loved one’s memorial.

Mason Headstones

Vases For Headstones In Mason, OH

Frequently, you will certainly see vases on either side of an upright headstone where family members can put bouquets. A few of our company’s monument bundles for upright headstones include flower holders, however make certain to ask if this is a vital component to your loved one’s memorial.

Memorial Rush Orders

Do you need your headstone completed promptly? If you find yourself in an uncommon circumstance, such as relatives coming into Mason to see the installed headstone? Or, possibly simply desiring a homage installed before an approaching date, ask us about our rush orders where we can have your memorial completed in our storehouse within 14 business days after authorizing a final design for your purchase.

Headstones For Graves Mason Ohio

Memorial Rush Orders

Do you have to have your headstone finished promptly? If you find yourself in an uncommon situation, such as family members entering into the community to see the completed headstone? Or, perhaps simply wanting a tribute installed prior to a future date, ask us about our rush orders where we can have your memorial finished in our storehouse within two weeks after approving a final layout for your monument.

Headstones For Graves Mason Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions About Headstones For Sale

The typical cost of a conventional flat headstone is roughly $1,000, although it can range from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on size, granite color, and engraving styles. Depending on the shape, size, granite color, and carved pattern, more ornate upright headstones can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000.
The term “gravestone” dates from the late 1300s, while “tombstone” dates from the mid-1500s. A headstone was a grave monument put at the head of a grave, as the name suggests. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is the newest of the three words, appearing in 1676.
Your cemetery will have their own separate fee, which will cover the cemetery pouring the concrete foundation that your headstone will sit on once installed.
At a glance, comparing price only may in fact seem like it is cheaper to buy a headstone online. However, there is usually a reason. Oftentimes, when you buy a headstone online, there is not an installation process in place, so it is up to you to find an installer and coordinate the installation with the cemetery yourself. If your cemetery does not accept shipped headstones for liability purposes, then you will need to make additional arrangements when it comes to finding a destination for your headstone once it is completed with the online company.
Flat burial markers are the least expensive of all the headstone options. Flat grave markers made of granite typically cost between $1,000 and $3,000 on average, depending on a few factors.
Our granite headstones come with a lifetime warranty that covers any non man-made damages, such as a small fissure or crack forming in the granite over time. Although we have never had to honor this warranty due to the strength and durability of granite, you can be rest assured that if anything should happen to compromise the structure of your stone, it will be covered at no cost to you.

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