Mason, Ohio, United States is home to Kings Island, a 364-acre amusement park located 24 miles northeast of Cincinnati. While Cedar Fair now owns and operates the park, it was first opened by the Taft Broadcasting Company in 1972. Coney Island, a renowned tourist destination on the Ohio River’s banks, was relocating and expanding as part of a bigger plan to alleviate the effects of flooding on the area. The park has invested over $300 million into infrastructure, allowing it to offer over a hundred attractions, including fourteen roller coasters and a 33-acre water park.

For half a century, Kings Island has been the go-to place for families in the Midwest to enjoy the best rides, live entertainment, food, and Cincinnati activities in a truly enchanted amusement park. Kings Island has been working hard since its inauguration in 1972 to make sure that every day spent there is the best day of the year for the whole family. Kings Island is one of the nicest things to do in the city, and you’ll know it as soon as you set foot in the park (which spans 364 acres).

Kings Island gained early notoriety for its groundbreaking attractions and events because of its inclusion in popular comedies. The Racer, one of the park’s most popular rides, is generally given credit for renewing interest in roller coasters around the world in the 1970s. The Beast and Banshee are just two others that have broken and maintained multiple world records. Orion, a giga coaster, will open in 2020 and represent the greatest expenditure in the park’s history. The park has also been the target of unfavorable headlines because of incidents like the premature demise of the roller coasters The Bat and Son of Beast.

Kings Island is a seasonal amusement park that is open from early spring to late fall, with a limited reopening for the winter holiday season for the Winterfest event. An estimated 3.52 million people visited Kings Island in 2019, making it the third most popular theme park in North America and the second most popular in the United States behind Canada’s Wonderland and Cedar Point. Moreover, Amusement Today has recognized Kings Island with Golden Ticket Awards for “Best Kids’ Area in the World” for the past 18 years, and the “Best New Ride” award in 2017 for Mystic Timbers.

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