At Kings Island in Mason, Ohio area, you may ride the wooden roller coaster called Mystic Timbers. The roller coaster, built by Great Coasters International and designed by Skyline Design, first ran in April 2017 in the park’s Rivertown area. With the addition of Mystic Timbers, the park once again boasts the longest wooden roller coaster track of any amusement park in the world at a whopping 18,804 feet. Until the ride’s official opening, the public had no idea about the secret component housed in a shed behind the attraction. It was named “Best New Ride” in Amusement Today’s 2017 Golden Ticket Awards.

Throughout the 2016 operating season, Kings Island authorities began dropping hints about a possible new future attraction. Construction walls with signs reading “Caution – Watch For Falling Trees” have been erected in the Rivertown area of the park. Plans for a new roller coaster were filed to the Mason planning board in June of 2016 under the title “Kings Island Project 2017.” Early on, aficionados had thought that a larger log flume to go along with the adjoining Race For Your Life Charlie Brown attraction was a distinct possibility. Later that month, local news outlets received a toy axe and a letter that hinted at trouble in Rivertown. A blue toy pickup truck with a load of logs in the back appeared as a new piece of evidence the next month. It was a message saying that on the evening of July 28, 2016, there would be a formal announcement in the park.

More than a thousand people waited in line for two hours on the night of the announcement to get into the park for the evening’s festivities. The new ride, dubbed Mystic Timbers, was unveiled. This would be the park’s sixteenth roller coaster and fourth wooden roller coaster. Once all three of Kings Island’s wooden roller coasters (The Beast, both tracks on The Racer, and Woodstock Express) are finished, the park will once again boast the world’s longest collection of wooden roller coaster track at 18,804 feet. Previously, Six Flags Great America held the record with a measurement of 16,558 feet for the combined length of the constellations Goliath, Viper, American Eagle, and Little Dipper.

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