Curiosity is piqued, imagination is freed, and the whole community is involved when this space is used. They see it as their mission to create avenues for people to discover the wonder and delight that can be found in the arts. They work together extensively to aid local artists at any stage of their careers.

They recognize the transformative potential of the arts, so they regularly provide a wide range of high-quality events. Art comes to life at the McConnel Arts Center, where history and the future collide. The artistic space is committed to creating an environment where all customers feel welcome and appreciated by celebrating diversity, encouraging equity, and promoting inclusion. The importance of public-private funding to their success is acknowledged and celebrated.

Presenting and promoting the performing, visual, and digital arts, this state-of-the-art multifunctional complex spans several disciplines. It’s a cultural center with paid and unpaid events in the arts, including shows, exhibits, and classes. Worthington High School was opened in 1915 and has been repurposed into a cultural center.

The 20,000-square-foot space houses a theater with 213 seats, an exhibition gallery, four classrooms, a digital imaging lab, a dance studio, and various rotating exhibitions. Respecting the Worthington Artistic Council’s heritage by carrying on its mission to promote, create, and foster art activities.

“Worthington on the Walls” is one of the most recent shows.

The McConnell Arts Center will host a juried exhibition of Worthington-inspired artwork. The purpose of Worthington on the Walls is to pay tribute to the city of Worthington. The purpose of this homage to Worthington is to celebrate the aesthetic value and intellectual stimulation that the city’s structures, inhabitants, open areas, and history offer to anybody who visits.

Anyone, from novices to seasoned professionals, can submit their work for consideration. The finalists will be chosen by a panel of three art experts who will decide which works will be presented. 

Worthington Community Centre
Stoltz Memorials Of Worthington