These 45 acres of urban green space along the riverfront between Great American Ball Park and Paul Brown Stadium are more than just a park; they feature a variety of entertainment options suitable for people of all ages, such as porch swings, river views, interactive fountains, and a giant foot piano.

The 45 acres that make up Smale Riverfront Park make it the ideal location for spending an entire day, a few hours, or even simply passing by. This is one park that is sure to make everyone in the family happy, whether they are toddlers, elementary school students, teenagers, or adults.

The swings in Smale Riverfront Park are the element that the vast majority of children enjoy using the most. Hanging from the riverbank are swings resembling porches and accommodating either two or three people. Because they are so easy to ride and soothing to the senses, it is the ideal place to take a break and watch the passing boats.

It is strongly recommended that you ride Carol Ann’s Carousel. You can go across the levels on a variety of different creatures, like a ladybug, a Bengal tiger, a Reds horse, and many more. The paintings on the carousel each show a different location that holds historical or cultural significance in the city of Cincinnati. Investigate each of the nuances that make up this artistic creation by pausing for a brief moment to take it all in. Because it is important to keep the carousel in good condition, it is best to keep children out of the water features until after they have finished riding.

The Heeken Family/PNC Grow Up Great Adventure Playground features a rope bridge, slides, wooden climbing structures, climbing walls, and hiding spots, in addition to a surface that is squishy and soft to protect younger children in the event that they fall. You can also have some fun with the drums and the funhouse mirror that are located nearby. Because the temperature around the large slide tends to rise, you might want to bring a towel with you to sit on as you make your way down. If you want a cool bird’s-eye perspective of the park from above, climb the stairs up to the Roebling Suspension Bridge. It’s located at the top of the park.

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