The Village Green, which spans over three and a half acres and was laid out in 1803, can be found in the heart of the downtown Worthington area. It is an essential component of our New England history. In the year 1803, the progenitors of the Worthington community set aside this area. When first settled, it served as an open pasturage and grazing pasture for farmers who traveled into town from the surrounding countryside. Brick pavers can be found lining the walks around the Village Green. The names of early settlers are inscribed on the bricks that make up the northwest quarter.

The Christmas tree that belongs to Worthington is placed in the quadrant to the southeast of the green. The green is currently frequently utilized for events such as festivals, concerts, and a farmer’s market during the summer.

It is possible for charitable organizations located in the Worthington region to submit an application to utilize the Village Green for the staging of special events and to use the signage located on the Village Green to publicize future activities. It is advised that applications for permits to hold special events on the Village Green be filed a minimum of three weeks in advance of the event. Permission to hold such events is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are required to include a comprehensive strategy for the event’s set-up and breakdown in their submissions. Applications will be reviewed and approved either by the Director of Parks and Recreation or by the City Manager, whichever comes first.

The citizens of Worthington will have the chance to publish public information on forthcoming events and activities thanks to the Village Green Signs, which are Worthington’s community bulletin boards. This is a NO-CHARGE service to the general population. Everyone has an equal opportunity to post such messages, and the sign licenses to post are given out in the order of first come, first served.

The following criteria will be considered while deciding whether or not to grant permits:

The group that is sponsoring this event is one that does not want to make a profit.

The Worthington neighborhood is where the action is going down right now.

It is not allowed to duplicate signs in order to be fair to all of the different groupings. The maximum number of signs that can be used for an event is one. Events that are being held simultaneously by the same organization might be moved to make room for other groups.

The sign that will be posted will not be put any earlier than fourteen days before the event that is scheduled to take place.

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